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RTV Silicone Sealants Resistance to Acid and Alkali and other Chemicals

This list does not pretend to be exhaustive but does give an indication of the typical resistance of our RTV silicone rubber sealants to various common chemicals, solvents, acid, oil, alkali, foodstuffs etc. It is the customer’s responsibility to satisfy himself that each product is fit for purpose for which he intends to use it.

Important note on fuels: Silicones display good resistance to petroleum and diesel during intermittent contact but are not recommended for continuous exposure over long periods. If in doubt please call Tech Services on 01670 734400

Key:    R = Good Resistance    ND = No Data    X = Not recommended for Continuous Exposure

Chemical Name 20°C 60°C 100°C
Acetaldehyde R R R
Acetic Acid 10% R R R
Acetic Acid (glacial & anhydrous) R R R
Acetic Anhydride R R R
Acetone R R R
Other Keytones R R R
Acid Fumes R R R
Alcohols (mostly fatty) R R R
Aliphatic Esters R R R
Alkyl Chlorides R R R
Alum R R R
Aluminium Chloride R R R
Ammonia (anhydrous) gas ok R ND ND
Ammonia (aqueous) R R R
Ammonium Chloride R R R
Amyl Acetate R R R
Aniline R R R
Antimony Trichloride R R R
Aqua Regia X X X
Aromatic Solvents R R R
Beer R R R
Benzoic Acid R R R
Boric Acid R R R
Carbonic Acid R R R
Caustic Soda Potash R R R
Chlorates of Na, K, Ba R R R
Chlorine (dry) R R R
Chlorine (wet) R R R
Chlorides of Na, K, Mg R R R
Chloroacetic Acid R R R
Chlorobenzene R R ND
Chloroform R R ND
Chromic Acid 80% R R R
Citric Acid R R R
Copper Salts (most) R R R
Cresylic Acid R R R
Cyclohexane R ND ND
Detergents (synthetic) R R R
Emulsifiers (all conc.) R R R
Ether X X X
Fatty Acids >C6 R R R
Aerosols eg. Freon R ND ND
Fluorine (dry + wet) X X X
Fluosilicic Acid R R R
Formaldehyde R R R
Formic Acid R ND ND
Fruit Juices R R R
Gelatine R R R
Glycerine R R R
Glycols R R R
Hydrobromic Acid 50% X X X
Hydrochloric Acid 10% R R R
Hydrochloric Acid (conc) R X X
Hydrofluoric Acid 40% ND X X
Hydrofluoric Acid 75% X X X
Chemical Name 20°C 60°C 100°C
Hydrogen Peroxide 30% R R R
Hydrogen Peroxide 30-90% R R R
Hypochlorites R R R
Latic Acids 100% R R R
Lead Acetate R R R
Lime (CaO) R R R
Maleic Acid R R R
Meat Juices R R R
Mercuric Chloride R R R
Mercury R R R
Milk and its products R R R
Moist Air R R R
Molasses R R R
Naptha R R R
Napthalene R R R
Nickel Salts R R R
Nitrates Na, K, NH3 R R R
Nitric Acid 25% R R R
Nitric Acid 50% R X X
Nitric Acid 95% fuming R X X
Oils (essential) R R R
Oils (mineral) R R R
Oils (vegetable & animal) R R R
Paraffin Wax R R R
Phenol R R R
Phosphoric Acid 35% R R R
Phosphoric Acid 50% R R R
Phosphoric Acid 95% R R R
Phosphorous Pentoxide R R R
Phthalic Acid R R R
Sea Water R R R
Silicic Acid R R R
Silicone Fluids R R R
Silver Nitrate R R R
Sodium Carbonate R R R
Sodium Peroxide R R R
Sodium Suplhide R R R
Stannic Chloride R R R
Starch R R R
Sugar, Syrups & Jams R R R
Sulphates R R R
Sulphites R R R
Sulphur R R R
Sulphur Dioxide (dry & wet) R R ND
Sulphur Trioxide R R R
Sulphuric Acid 50% R R R
Sulphuric Acid 95% X X X
Sulphuric Acid (fuming) X X X
Sulphur Chlorides X X X
Tallow R R R
Tannic Acid 10% R R R
Tartaric Acid 10% R R R
Yeast R R R
Zinc Chloride R R R


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