Technical Data

Chemical Resistance of Silicone Sealants and Adhesives

All of our RTV silicone sealants and adhesives have very good resistance to acids, alkaline and most industrial fluids. Intermittent exposure to fuels is fine but not resistant for continuous contact.
Common Chemical examples are Formaldehyde, Chlorine, Oil, Bio Diesel, Hydrogen Peroxide and Industrial Solvents.
A comprehensive list of compatible chemicals are listed on our downloadable PDF below :

Download Chemical Resistance List

  RTV 382 AG 300 XTS 320 ADFLEX PU Flowsil
Operating temperature -55 + 260 C -55 + 300 C -55 + 320 -30 + 120 -50 + 200
Viscosity Non Slump Paste Non Slump Paste Non Slump Paste Non Slump Paste Self Leveling Liquid
Tensile Strength MPa 1.9 2.9 1.9 2 1.2
Cure Time 3 mm per 24 hours 3 mm per 8 hours 3 mm per 24 hours 3 mm per 24 hours 3 mm per 24 hours
Colour Translucent Clear Metallic Silver Orange / Brown White Translucent Clear
Good Recommended Excellent Good Fair
Good Excellent Recommended Fair Good
UV Resistance
Good Recommended Excellent Good Fair
Recommended Good Excellent Limited Recommended
Good Recommended Excellent Recommended Limited

Adhesion Performance

  AG 300 RTV 382 XTS 320
Aluminium  / Steel Excellent Excellent Excellent
Stainless Steel Excellent Good Good
Copper Good Excellent Excellent
Glass Filled Nylon Excellent Good Excellent
ABS  / Acrylic Resin Good Good Excellent
Polypropylene / PE Not Recommended Not Recommended Not Recommended
Rigid PVC Good Good Excellent
Silicone Rubber Excellent Excellent Excellent
Chloroprene Good Fair Good
Glass Excellent Excellent Excellent
Concrete Excellent Good Good
Ceramic Good Good Excellent
Carbon Fibre Good Good Excellent
Powder Coatings Excellent Excellent Excellent
Woods Excellent Good Good

Adhesion Performance

How much will I get from a 310 ml cartridge?

6 mm x 3 mm bead = 18 Metres approx

6 mm x 6 mm bead = 9 Metres approx

Will heating RTV’s accelerate the cure time?

No,as it will eliminate the required moisture. Note – If speed of cure is important see – AG 300 – Fast curing one part sealant (6-8 hours) RTV 2 – Two hour curing 2 part sealant.

How do I prepare my surface?

Clean and de-grease metals using an industrial solvent like our Metal Cleaner or IPA. Avoid detergents as they can leave a residue Light abrasion will also be helpful prior to cleaning.

Can silicone sealants be over painted?

Sorry no – but our polyurethane’s can.

Are silicones flame retardant?

Yes our silicones will not burn unless a direct flame is applied. Some grades meet UL 94 requirements. If they do burn minimal fumes are given off so toxicity is not a concern.

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