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Oil and Chemical Resistant Sealant | RTV Silicone Adhesive Sealant

XTS 320 Oil and chemical resistant sealant is excellent for bonding and sealing up to 350°C on most industrial materials including glass, metals, carbon fibre and an excellent silicone rubber adhesive

XTS 320 RTV silicone sealant is neutral cure without acid so will not corrode steel or aluminium and has no vinegar like smell.

XTS 320 has a NATO stock classification NSN 6850-99-519-6905.

Industrial applications include:
• Weatherproofing and insulating cable connectors & high voltage equipment
• Oil, chemical and high temperature sealant / gasket maker
• Sealing high temperature flues, ductwork and chimneys
• Non corrosive heat resistant sealing on aluminium and other metals
• Weatherproofing and coating offshore and pipeline components

Available in South East Asia, Singapore, Malaysia and Phillipines from our Technical Partner and Distributor:

Structural Sealants | Silicone Sealants | Vitrochem Technology

Vitrochem Technology Pte Ltd
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658064 Singapore
Phone: +65 67667191
Fax: +65 67667187

Uncured Properties

Colour: Orange / Tan
Consistency: Paste
Cure Time: 24 hours per 3mm
Tack Free: 15 minutes
Shelf Life: 12 months in dry conditions @ 20C

Cured Properties

Specific Gravity: 1.2
Hardness Shore A: 35
Tensile Strength: 28 kgf/cm2 ( 2.8 Mpa )
Temperature Range: –55 to + 320 C ( 350 intermittent )


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