High Temperature Sealants

High Temperature RTV Silicone Sealants

High temperature sealants with exceptional heat resistant properties to over 300 C

High Temperature RTV Silicone sealant

XTS 320 High Temperature

Heat resistant -60C to +350C Non corrosive curing system, excellent adhesion to most engineering materials
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Stainless Steel Colour Sealant | Mastic | Caulk

AG 300 Stainless Steel Sealant | Metallic Silver Colour RTV Silicone

AG 300 seals and gives a good cosmetic finish to match stainless steel and aluminium Safe for use in food areas (FDA)
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Engineering Adhesives

RTV 382 Multi-function

RTV 382 is a non acid RTV silicone adhesive sealant for bonding and sealing in demanding applications. Meets UL94 HB & NATO Spec.
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