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Solvent and Silicone Free Industrial Food Safe Sealant

Parabond Construction Grey food grade sealant is a silicone and solvent free high strength sealant and adhesive which has excellent adhesion to most surfaces including aluminium, steel, plastics, wood, concrete and GRP composites.
Use Parabond construction grey food grade sealant to seal and bond aluminium and steel sheets, vehicle bodywork, boat structures, ships and seal joints in kitchen / galley areas in restaurants, fast food outlets, cruise ships and trains.

Parabond food grade sealant can be painted over unlike silicone sealants and will not corrode metal


  • Bonding and sealing steel & aluminium sheets RAL 7004
  • High strength sealing where over painting is necessary
  • Meets FDA requirements for use in food preparation areas
  • Excellent adhesive and sealant for marine applications
  • Resistant short term to diesel, solvents and industrial chemicals
  • Low volatile sealant Silicone and solvent free ( leed VOC tested )
  • Also available in WHITE

Uncured Properties

Colour: Grey
Consistancy: Paste
Cure Time: 24 hours per 3mm
Tack Free: 40 minutes
Shelf Life: 12 months in dry conditions @ 20C

Cured Properties

Specific Gravity: 1.48
Hardness Shore A: 40
Tensile Strength: 1.10 N/mm)
Temperature Range: – 40 to + 120 C


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