AG 300 Stainless Steel Sealant | Metallic Silver Colour RTV Silicone

AG 300 Stainless Steel / Aluminium Colour Silicone Sealant. Metallic Silver RTV


AG 300 is a stainless steel colour food grade ( FDA ) RTV silicone sealant and adhesive designed to give a good colour match on stainless steel ( Inox ) and aluminium joints especially where food contact is required.
AG 300 has excellent resistance to oils, chemicals & steam and retains it’s tough physical properties over a wide temperature range -55 to + 300 o C and gives a fast curing high strength yet flexible bond to most engineering materials. AG 300 is effective in replacing spot welding even on stainless steel creating a sealed joint at the same time.

Key Uses and Features of AG 300

• Bonding and sealing stainless steel ( Inox ) fabrications also food processing equipment
• Cosmetic sealing on stainless steel and aluminium
• Resists common cleaning chemicals such as formaldehyde and hydrogen peroxide
• Sealing of heating and ventilation equipment, ductwork chimneys & flue stacks
• Sealing galley areas on cruise ships, trains and aircraft
• Very fast cure through allows faster assembly time
• Excellent adhesion to metals, rubber, glass and rigid plastics
• Food grade sealant Conforms to FDA CFR 21,177.2600 and EU Article 3 of Commission Regulation 1935/2004 for materials liable to have incidental food contact


Uncured Properties

Cured Properties


Metallic Silver

Specific Gravity:




Hardness Shore A:


Cure Time:

3 mm  per 8 hours

Tensile Strength:

3.2 kgf/cm 2

Tack Free:

6-8 minutes

Dielectric Strength:

20 kV/mm

Shelf Life:

12 months @ 20C

Temperature Range:

55 to + 300 C

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