MX 43 Threadlocker – Loctite 243 Equivalent

NSF and WRAS listed for potable drinking water and food areas

MX 43 locks threaded parts against vibration and acts as a thread sealant to prevent corrosion. Galling and seizure is minimised due to it’s lubricating qualities during assembly.

MX 43 threadlocker is NSF and WRAS approved so can be used where potable drinking water and food is present.

MX 43 forms a barrier against dissimilar materials and can prevent galvanic / bi metallic corrosion. Equivalent to Loctite 243.


  • Colour coded Blue
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals, oil, fuel and acids
  • Medium strength – removable with standard tools
  • Temperature resistance up to 160 C
  • Cost effective threadlock

Available in:

  • 50ml bottle
  • 250ml

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