Di Electric Insulating Grease

Silicone Grease M494 Seals and Protects Electrical Parts


SGM494 Silicone Grease is water-repellent, work-stable, non-melting, tasteless and odourless silicone grease for electrical insulation purposes; it may also be used for potable water supplies.

Meets XG 250 Military Specification when a silicone grease is required

Typical Applications

It is a very versatile silicone grease that has been used successfully in many applications such as:

  • Sealing electrical systems against water ingress
  • Prevention of corona discharge
  • Protection of insulation against corona discharge
  • Potting of small electronic components
  • Lubrication of electric cables through conduits
  • Screw threads lubrication to prevent sticking and corrosion
  • Packing of mineral fibre glands to prevent sticking
  • Laboratory stop-cock lubrication
  • Vacuum sealing of ground glass joints

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