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Food Grade Sealants are available in Clear, Silver, White, Grey and Black. RTV silicone sealants offer food safe sealing of stainless steel kitchens. We are also stockists of Loctite type food grade thread sealant for catering equipment where food safe regulations apply such asĀ  NSF, FDA and Potable drinking water ( WRAS )

Food Grade Sealant stainless steel colour Food Grade Sealant Silver Grey

For use in food preparation areas and on catering equipment / galleys Withstands cleaning chemicals, caustic and high temperatures

Food Grade Threadlock. NSF Loctite 243 equivalent FOOD GRADE THREADLOCK | MX 43

Medium strength threadlocking and anti-vibration adhesive. Excellent chemical & fuel resistance. Removable with standard tools

Food grade thread sealant FOOD GRADE THREAD SEALANT | NSF WRAS

Low Strength high viscosity thread sealant, gives an instant low pressure seal and allows repositioning. Designed for coarse & taper threads

dowsil RTV 732 RTV 732 ADHESIVE SEALANT | Dowsil

FDA approved food grade sealant. Available in clear and white


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+44 1670 734400

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