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Engineering sealants | Food Safe | Acid Alkaline Resistant

metallic silver food grade sealant RTV STAINLESS STEEL COLOUR SEALANT

AG 300 RTV Silicone sealant and gives a good cosmetic finish to match stainless steel and aluminium
Safe for use in food areas (FDA)

Food Grade Sealant stainless steel colour Food Grade Sealant | AG300

For use in food preparation areas and on catering equipment / galleys Withstands cleaning chemicals, caustic and high temperatures

High temperature sealants HIGH TEMPERATURE SEALANT | XTS 320

Heat resistant sealant -60C to +350C
Non corrosive curing RTV Silicone system, excellent adhesion to most engineering materials

Heat Resistant sealant | RTV silicone Adhesive HEAT RESISTANT SEALANT | RTV 382

RTV 382 Heat resistant sealant is a non acid RTV silicone adhesive sealant for bonding and sealing in demanding applications. Meets UL94 HB

fast curing sealant 2 hours Fast 2 Hour Cure Sealant |RTV2 FC

RTV 2 is a unique 2 part product which bonds and seals in 2 hours even in sub-zero temperatures and in the absence of air in thick sections

Flowable sealant | Self levelling RTV silicone sealant FLOWSIL LOW VISCOSTY RTV SEALANT

Flowsil is a translucent, pourable sealant and coating for use when a paste like material will not run. Weather proofs electrical equipment


AS 1701 RTV silicone adhesive sealant meets UL94 V0.
Protects, seals and insulates high voltage equipment.

diesel resistant sealant bund DIESEL RESISTANT SEALANT AND ADHESIVE | PU45

High strength Polyurethane adhesive & sealant for industrial assemblies. Excellent adhesion to metals, plastics, rubber, wood and glass

sea water resistant marine sealant MARINE SEALANT | SEA WATER RESISTANT

Seawater Chemical and UV Resistant Cures Underwater & on Wet Surfaces Bonds to Stainless Steel / Glass Makes Engine Gaskets

dowsil RTV 732 RTV 732 ADHESIVE SEALANT | Dowsil

FDA approved food grade sealant. Available in clear and white


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