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Thread lock adhesive, also known as thread locking fluid or threadlocker, is a liquid which is applied to threaded parts to prevent loosening, leakage and corrosion. Threadlock adhesive, when applied to the fastener threads, hardens to form a tough plastic when exposed to metal ions in the absence of air (anaerobic). This allows the sealant to flow evenly into the grooves of the threads and gradually harden. The hardened adhesive provides increased friction between the mating threads for a secure vibration-proof connection. The adhesive also acts as a seal and protects the joint from corrosion caused by moisture, fluids and gasses.

MX70 Studlock

Studlock Adhesive is designed for High strength thread locking applications on metal fasteners where the components require permanent assembly. Features: Colour coded Green Excellent chemical resistance against fuels e.g. Diesel High strength permanent grade Temperature resistance up to 160C Cost effective compared to leading brands Available in: 50ml bottle 250ml

Food Grade Threadlock. NSF Loctite 243 equivalent FOOD GRADE THREADLOCK | MX 43

Medium strength threadlocking and anti-vibration adhesive. Excellent chemical & fuel resistance. Removable with standard tools

Food grade thread sealant FOOD GRADE THREAD SEALANT | NSF WRAS

Low Strength high viscosity thread sealant, gives an instant low pressure seal and allows repositioning. Designed for coarse & taper threads

RC 160 Retainer

High strength, high temperature adhesive for retaining cylindrical metal parts. Suitable for bearings, bushes and collars


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