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Flowsil is a non-corrosive, flowable sealant which is self levelling. A 1-Part, room temperature curing RTV silicone sealant and coating. It exhibits bonds to many substrates, has excellent electrical insulation properties and is recommended for electronic and electrical assemblies where a non-corrosive self levelling coating or sealant is required in mechanical assembly. Flowsil will run in to seal where standard silicone sealants cannot reach and gives a smooth cosmetic finish.

Typical applications include:

• Sealing between glass and metal in pre assembled parts

• Environmental protection of PCB and electronic equipment

• Ingress protection of control gear and switches etc.

• Applications where a non corrosive, self levelling RTV sealant is required

Uncured Properties

Cured Properties



Specific Gravity:



Self levelling 26,000 mPas

Hardness Shore A:


Cure Time:

24 hours per 2mm

Tensile Strength:

1.6 Mpa

Tack Free:

30 minutes

Dielectric strength:

20 Kv/mm

Shelf Life:

6 months in dry conditions @ 20C

Temperature Range:

-55 to + 220C

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