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SilGel silicone gel potting compound is a soft, very adherent, room temperature or heat accelerated cure RTV silicone gel encapsulant. Designed for the encapsulation and protection of PCB’s, electronics components, LED lighting and PV Solar junction boxes. SilGel  easily flows around complex assemblies and is used to provide protection from vibration, thermal or mechanical shock. SilGel has excellent dielectric properties and also gives outstanding protection from moisture, dust and many environmental contaminants.

Industrial applications include:

• Potting & encapsulation delicate electronic assemblies

• PCB protection where clarity is required

• Potting of PV solar junction boxes

• Encapsulation when a repairable self healing silicone gel is needed

Uncured Properties

Cured Properties


Water clear

Specific Gravity:



Low viscosity liquid (630 cps)


2.5mm - 20gm cone

Cure Time:

Approx 24 hours (Room Temperature)

Dielectric Strength:

20 Kv/mm

Tack Free:

45-60 minutes

Temperature Range:

-55 to + 200C

Shelf Life:

6 months in dry conditions @ 20C

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